Did it have such an effect? Amazing effect of "barley tea"

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August is over today. Hello, this is Koyanagi.

In August, it seems that I rarely felt summer with continuous rainy days, lightning strikes, and leopards, but the mushy residual heat continues, so please take water diligently to prevent heat stroke. Hey.

Therefore, this time, “barley tea” is a cool summer tradition that you often drink for hydration in the summer. Did you know that there are many excellent effects that are wasteful to drink only in the summer? I will introduce the effects.

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  • Why is barley tea suitable for summer?
  • Excellent efficacy of barley tea
  • Lastly

Why is barley tea suitable for summer?

Barley is regarded as a “food that cools the body” in oriental medicine, and barley tea, which is made from barley, also has the effect of cooling the body. By ingesting barley tea into your hot body, you will be cooled down from inside your body and feel cool.

In addition, potassium contained in barley tea has a detoxifying effect and a diuretic effect, and heat is excreted from the body together with urine. It makes sense to drink barley tea in the summer.

It is also effective against heat stroke caused by lack of water and minerals due to heat, so I would like to take it diligently.

Excellent efficacy of barley tea

Barley tea not only cools down the body and is effective against heat stroke, but also has many wasteful effects for summer only.

Protects the stomach

The ingredients contained in barley tea have the function of protecting the mucous membrane of the stomach. Normally, in the human stomach, cells are actively working to prevent the walls from melting with the gastric juice secreted by the stomach. However, if you spend days that are prone to stress and tiredness builds up in your body, you will lose control of them and melt your stomach. This is called a stomach ulcer, and barley tea protects the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Promote blood circulation

Barley tea also works to improve blood flow. Cold sensitivity, which is seen in many women, is caused by blood flow stagnation. Barley tea contains “pyrazine,” an ingredient that improves blood flow, and is made when roasting the raw material barley.

And don’t forget about “GABA”, which works to lower blood pressure. GABA can prevent high blood pressure, so it is a nice effect for people with high blood pressure.

Extinguishes active oxygen

Active oxygen that inhibits metabolism and causes aging. Studies have shown that P-coumaric acid and other substances contained in barley tea eliminate active oxygen. In other words, it has a strong antioxidant effect.

Of course, it is effective for health such as prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, but its high antioxidant power promotes metabolism and activates cells. In addition, P-coumaric acid seems to be effective against carcinogens.

Can prevent tooth decay

A slightly surprising effect is the prevention of tooth decay. In fact, barley tea has the function of preventing the formation and fixation of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

However, drinking barley tea does not mean that you will not get cavities. Brush your teeth thoroughly to remove the sugars that cause tooth decay.

Everyone can drink with confidence

Barley tea does not contain caffeine or tannins like oolong tea and green tea. Therefore, everyone from babies to the elderly can drink with confidence.

It is also recommended for pregnant women who should avoid caffeine. It is said that if you take caffeine before going to bed, you will not be able to sleep, but barley tea is safe to drink before going to bed.

Beautiful skin minerals

Barley tea is rich in minerals. Contains minerals that are essential for creating beautiful skin. I would like to pay attention to the skin-beautifying minerals zinc and silicon. Zinc has the effect of promoting the metabolism of melanin. It has a nice effect of preventing spots and freckles. Silicon has the function of strengthening collagen and keeps the skin firm and youthful.

Regenerates the skin

Here, pay attention to barley tea among barley teas. The ingredient called Yokuinin contained in hato barley tea is amazing. The effects of Yokuinin include skin regeneration, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, sedative, etc. It has important effects to make moisturized and healthy skin.


Barley tea is a waste to keep as a summer drink. It may not have immediate effect, but I would like to take it regularly to get and maintain a healthy body.