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Do you often hear the word polyester processed yarn? What is the difference from normal polyester?

What is knit inlay knitting, which is becoming a trend these days?

Why is cashmere warm? The answer was the fineness of the fibers.

What are the characteristics of polyurethane, a stretch material you should know?

Envelopes are a tool that determines the first impression of mail. Do you know that there are rules for writing?

It’s not just about stopping! Do you know the manners of stapler prevention?

Large standard cable knitting of knit! The appearance will change completely with a little ingenuity!

All the questions about trench coats are solved!?Unexpectedly unknown birth story of that brand coat ♬

What is the placket knitting method that is indispensable for a simple knit cardigan?

Home Machines / Hand Sides / Automatic Machines Do you know what a “knitting machine” for knit products is?

What is Extra Fine Wool?!

Let’s take a closer look at the sweater! I will explain with reference to the knit reduction and sharpening pattern.