Enhance physical well-being with plant-based fiber


curefilo® is a fiber technology derived from plants.

It can alleviate stress in healthy individuals and has potenatli relaxation effects.


Stress Reduction Effects

The stress reduction effect was evaluated by measuring salivary amylase levels in participants wearing fabric made from curefilo®. It was confirmed that salivary amylase activity increases with unpleasant stimuli and decreases with comfortable stimuli. Salivary amylase levels were measured using a salivary amylase monitor and chip capable of measuring salivary amylase quantity. The following controls were implemented:

Subject Control

To prevent data variation, the sleep time, wake-up time, and meal times were consistent for the five days preceding the measurement.

Environmental control

Measurements were conducted at a controlled temperature of 25℃ ± 0.3℃ and humidity of 58% ± 5%.

During the measurement, two pieces of fabric made from curefilo® (2m x 2.5m) were placed on the bed, and a pillow wrapped in fabric (1.5m x 0.85m) was used. The participants were instructed to lie supine between two sheets of cloth while being completely naked and to maintain conscious throughout the measurement without closing their eyes.

55% Stress Reduction Effect: Salivary amylase decreased in both cases when participants maintained a supine position for 30 minutes. With curefilo®, the average reduction was 55%, which is 21% higher compared to when wearing the controlled variable fabric. Thus, curefilo® demonstrated a significant stress reduction effect. Immunity decreases with stress, the use of curefilo® will suuport the immunity of the body.

with the corperation of Ooyu Rehabilitation Onsen Hospital, Dr. Ikeda Mithuhiro.

Relaxation Effects

When participants face situations that intensify the influence of the sympathetic nervous system, such as tension and stress, heart rate increases, and the R-R interval (RRI) shortens. Conversely, when participants face situations that enhance the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system, such as tranquility and comfort, heart rate slows down, and the RRI lengthens. To verify if the use of curefilo® reduces the stress of the participants, RRI was measured using a heart rate sensor.

When compared with wearing the control fabric, wearing curefilo® resulted in an RRI elongation rate 26% higher than the control fabric from the first minute, and the average over 30 minutes was also 25% higher. This indicates a significant impact on the parasympathetic nervous system and suggests a pronounced relaxation effect of curefilo®. The stability of the parasympathetic nerve system will stimulate digetion and rest, thereby support immunity of the body.

with the corperation of Ooyu Rehabilitation Onsen Hospital, Dr. Ikeda Mithuhiro.

Skin Moisturizing Effect

Control of the Subject

In order to prevent variation, every subject were allocated the same waking time, sleeping time, eating times seven days before the test date.

Environment Control

The temperature for the environment was controlled between 23~25℃, humidity was set at 48~58%.

Measurement of Skin Moisture

Before conducting the experiment, each subject was assigned to a 41℃ shower and tested 5mins after drying of the body. Shampoo, soap, creme or any cosmetics during and after shower was prohibited. A total of 28 different areas of the body was tested as a beginning data.

During the measurement, two pieces of fabric made from curefilo® (2m x 2.5m) were placed on the bed, and a pillow wrapped in fabric (1.5m x 0.85m) was used. The participants were instructed to lie supine between two sheets of cloth while being completely naked . Sleeping time was an average of the seven days. The test was conducted using a plain fabric and fabric with curefilo® for a fair comparison.

Compared to the average skin moisture content before sleep, there was an average increase of 14% immediately after waking up when curefilo®was used. Some participants experienced a 26% increase. In the case of the control fabric, the average moisture content decreased by 2% (0.98) immediately after waking up, compared to a value of 1 just before sleep. curefilo®s performance proves its ability to prevent skin dryness during sleep. As dehydration leads to reduced immune system, curefilo®'s ability to retain moisture would support the immunity of the body.

with the corperation of Ooyu Rehabilitation Onsen Hospital Dr. Ikeda Mithuhiro.

Antibacterial and Odor Prevention Effect


By supressing the growth of bacteria, it has antibacterial qualities

Odor Prevention

Reduce the growth of unwanted chemical compounds which contribute odor.

Antioxidant Effect

The redox function was verified using an oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) test. The ORP test determines whether the body is in an oxidized or reduced state by measuring the condition of saliva, and a certificate and verification report are issued only if the reduction is confirmed.

* The ORP measurement device (ORP reader) is an approved medical device by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
with the coperation of, NPO Association for the Promotion of Preventive Medicine and Alternative Medicine/Cooperation with Dr. Masayuki Sano, Chairman of the Japan Association of Occupational Physicians.

100% Plant-derived wild and organic ingredients

The ingredients are extracted from three wild plants that grow in various mountains in Japan using a special machine. It is completely pesticide-free and gentle on the body.


As the name "pain reliever" suggests, Itadori has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for skin disorders such as abrasions.

Japanese Mugwort

The Japanese Mugwort has long been known for its efficacy in various diseases and injuries, and recently its cancer-fighting effects have been scientifically proven.

Persimmon Leaves

Persimmon Leaves has been utilized for its antibacterial, deodorizing, and water-repellent properties since ancient times, thanks to its abundant content of ingredients such as vitamin C.

DPPH Radical Scavenging Test

The ability to eliminate DPPH radicals, artificially created radicals, was evaluated. DPPH radicals turn purple when dissolved in a solvent.

As shown in the figure below, when an extract containing antioxidant substances is added to the solution, the DPPH radicals are eliminated, and the color becomes lighter. The degree of discoloration was observed to evaluate the radical scavenging ability.

in corporation with International Pacific University, Doctor of Science, Kawashima Norimichi.

Reliable Japanese Product, proven to be safe

Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test

No genetic toxicity detected

conducted by The Institute for Life Science Research, Ltd.

Irritation Test

Safety confirmed

conducted by Japan Food Analysis Center, an incorporated foundation

Food-Related Equipment and Containers

Compliance with food addictive planning standards and validation of compliant products

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Notification No.370

analysed by Japanese Frozen Food Inspection Corporation, an incorporated foundation

Heavy Metals and Pesticide Analysis

No detection of any substances

conducted by Japan Food Analysis Center, an incorporated foundation

Worlds First Technology: Blending of unique technology with fiber

Rayon fiber

Rayon fiber has the characteristic of being able to incorporate other components into the fiber. We have focused on this property and successfully developed curefilo®, which does not lose its properties even after repeated washing.


Phytochemicals, known as natural "chemical substances," which remain even after processing into liquids or solids are used in curefilo®.


We require all customers to sign a basic sales contract for any purchases.

RW・Undyed yarn

Product Name Yarn Count Composition

curefilo® organic


Oragnic Cotton 70%
curefilo® Rayon 30%


Dyed Yarn・Any color

Product Name Yarn Count Composition

curefilo® organic/


Oragnic Cotton 70%
curefilo® Rayon 30%

  • We require final products to consist of at least 10% of curefilo® rayon.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us directly on our curefilo® website.
  • We accept customizations.

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