Why is cashmere warm? The answer was the fineness of the fibers.

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I thought it was getting cooler, but recently it’s been cold and cold, and it’s getting harder to get up in the morning.

I like the pajamas series of M○JI that feels like the pajamas, but I wish he had a brushed back.

When it’s cold, I wear it anyway, but my shoulders are stiff and it’s hard to move, which is my winter problem.

In such a case, it’s warm if you wear this one! It would be nice if such clothes were suitable.

This time, we will talk about such a dream-like material, cashmere.

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The secret of cashmere warmth

First of all, cashmere refers to the animal hair that can be obtained from cashmere goats.

The fibers are very fine and soft, and have heat retention and elasticity (stretchability).

Expressed in units of micron (smaller, thinner) 14 to 16 micron!

Sheep’s hair is called regular wool, which is 20.5 to 22 micron, so it’s quite thin.

(Sheep fibers also come in a variety of fineness, and some of the finest ones are as fine as cashmere!)

Basically, it’s thinner than a sheep, so it doesn’t tingle when you wear it, and you can make a warm sweater that feels good against the skin.

So why is it so thin and soft?

Cashmere inhabits areas such as China, Mongolia, and Iran, where there are many mountains and the temperature difference between summer and winter is large.

Dozens of degrees below freezing in winter! In order to protect yourself in the place where it becomes, it seems to grow loose hair between the rough hair on the surface.

The loose hair is the raw material for the sweater!

This raw material is crimped (also called crimp) and is permed one by one.

Therefore, it contains more air than straight hair and keeps heat warm. If the thin and round hair grows tightly, it surely seems to be warm.

As summer approaches and it gets warmer, cashmere goats will also change their clothes, and their thin hair will fall out around May.

I use a comb to comb the hair at that time, but I can only get about 100g from one head.

Very precious white cashmere

Cashmere is divided into four types according to the color of the hair that can be taken.

Gray, light brown, brown, and white cashmere

This white cashmere is a very valuable raw material as it produces only 10% of his yield.

It has excellent color development and can be dyed in any color while maintaining its texture.

Here is a sample of his white cashmere that was used as it was without dyeing!

It is a beautiful white.

It’s pure white, but I like soft, natural white.

What’s more, this sweater is fur-processed, making the best use of the glossy hair of white cashmere!

The glossy and soft fur is the best.

If you wear this, you can spend comfortably even in the mountains below freezing like cashmere goats! maybe.

This white cashmere is a local material,

Here is a sample of our Sabrich Saverich (cashmere 80% sable 20%) fur-processed.

It’s surprising how long the hair is, and it’s likely to be mistaken for real fur.

Originally, it is a material that tends to have hairy feet due to washing and fluffing, but it is surprising that it becomes so fluffy.


I can’t move because it’s cold! !! !! What a day, if you have a cashmere sweatshirt, you should be able to overcome it!

I would be happy if I could help you make a special sweater on such a winter day.

See you next time!