Large standard cable knitting of knit! The appearance will change completely with a little ingenuity!

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I went to the Sumida River Fireworks Festival for the first time the other day!

It’s been 4 years since I came to Tokyo, and it’s such a big and big fireworks display! !! !!

I was surprised at the size of the venue as well as the large number of people! I saw it from the bridge this year, but next year I’ll try to see it from a different place!

It was a pity that there weren’t many stores near where I saw … I wonder if there were other places? ??

Over the years, I aim to become the Sumida River Fireworks Festival Master! !!

I borrowed it from the internet because I couldn’t take a picture because I felt dangerous because of the large number of people.

(I borrowed it from here!)

By the way, today I would like to write about “cable knitting”, which is a big staple of knitwear.

If you give the type of pattern, it will be a ridiculous number, so this time I will briefly explain the mechanism of the cable!

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 What is a cable handle?

Cable knitting, rope knitting, cross knitting. .. .. There are various names.

The traditional pattern using cable knitting, the Alan pattern, is also popular!

Some people may think that cable knitting has a strong image of hand knitting, but you can also knit with an automatic machine!

Cable knitting creates a pattern by crossing the eyes.

At the time of this intersection, the appearance will change depending on which one you are in front of! !!

I can’t imagine it… ??

Look at the pictures and inflate the image!

2X2 intersection

First of all, the simplest intersection of the second and second eyes.

We knit the one with the right side in front and the one with the left side in front!

Isn’t this much different? It’s like that, but when I try to eliminate the backstory in the middle…

The pattern is such that the ridges gather as you go up!

If you switch the left and right further…

This time, the pattern is such that the ridges expand as you go up!

I like this one because it looks like a heart, but what about you guys??

Even though the knitting technique is exactly the same, the atmosphere of the pattern changes so much just by changing the arrangement and the order of intersections!

2X2X2 intersection

Next is a 2X2X2 intersection with one more ridge.

At the time of crossing, I knit the one with the outside in front and the one with the inside in front!

It is the same as the way of thinking of back knitting and front knitting when women braid and braid in hair arrangement.

It looks like a braid!

By the way, the reason why the corners are a little bit this time is that there are many steps between intersections. (Every 4 steps)

If you reduce this number of steps, you will get a more rounded cable handle!

If you adjust it according to your taste, you will get a special cable pattern!

Application! Honeycomb

he Alan pattern that appeared at the beginning of this blog has a meaning in each pattern.

There is a pattern that is inherited by one family, and it is a traditional knit that is knitted with a wish in the pattern of the pattern.

One of such Alan patterns, “honeycomb pattern”, can be knitted with just a little application of the cable introduced this time!

At 2X2X2X2 crossing, knit while crossing so that the two ridges are on the front side all the time.

It’s cute ~~~! !!

What to hide I love the honeycomb pattern! !! !! (It’s also called a honeycomb pattern!)

Click here for the meaning you care about!

・ Compliment to the bees who work hard

・ Reward for hard work (like bees collect precious honey)

・ Image of the scene where the rope used for fishing is spread

There are so many meanings in one piece!


I tried knitting a cable, but something is different. .. .. When you get lost, you can solve it with a twist of intersection! !! !! !! maybe.

In such a case, I would appreciate it if you could remember this blog.

Thank you for staying with us until the end!

See you next time!