It's not just about stopping! Do you know the manners of stapler prevention?

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Hello. This is Koyanagi.

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There are also rules for staples

Now, let’s get into the main subject, but when handing over materials to company meetings or business partners, I think we often prepare materials that are stapled. The stapler is used when stopping materials, but there are also etiquettes that working people should know about how to use the stapler. Stapling is also a good job, so please refer to it as we will introduce the basic method and position to staple.

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For horizontal writing, the “left” position is correct How to stop the stapler

Horizontally written documents start at the “upper left corner” and end at the “lower right corner”, and many Japanese are right-handed. This means that you hold the pen with your right hand and turn the page with your left hand. Then, if you staple it on the right side, you will straddle the documents. If it is in the upper left, the left hand will not straddle the document. Therefore, the upper left is the stop position.

For vertical writing, “right” is the correct position. How to stop the stapler

In the case of a vertically written document, start reading from the “upper right corner” and proceed to the “lower left corner”. Then, pinch the side you have finished reading and turn the page, so in the case of vertical writing, the upper right of the document will be the stop position.

In this way, the position where the stapler is stopped changes depending on the horizontal writing and vertical writing, but it seems to be good to remember that “stop the stapler toward the beginning of reading”.