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Drying Materials for the Rainy Season

The rainy season is challenging because laundry doesn’t dry easily. Therefore, I would like to introduce a quick-drying material that I have personally experienced and was impressed with!

Materials That Dry Easily and Those That Do Not

First of all, do you know which material dries the fastest: polyester, cotton, or linen?


As anyone who does laundry knows, cotton is the slowest to dry. Cotton has good water absorption, but it doesn’t dry quickly. If you sweat a lot, your body will get cold, so you should choose your clothing accordingly. Cotton is more comfortable to wear when you have less physical activity, such as when sleeping or relaxing, rather than during sports.


Due to the structure of the fiber, linen is water-absorbent and dries quickly, making it easy to wash and wear lightly when damp. It is a material you want to wear on a hot and humid day.


Of these, polyester dries the fastest. Since water has difficulty penetrating the fibers of polyester, when water or sweat touches the knitted fabric, it immediately diffuses and evaporates. It is a material that is easy to use during sports because it is not sticky to the skin, can be worn smoothly, and dries quickly.

Materials That Dry Even Faster

Polyester has excellent quick-drying properties, but there are materials that dry even faster.

What is “Water-Repellent Yarn”?

This is not limited to polyester; it has quick-drying properties. Even cotton material dries quickly.

If you ask me, I’m convinced. The water-repellent yarn repels water and prevents it from getting inside the fibers. For fabrics and knitted fabrics, only the water in the gaps between the threads remains. Since it only waits for that part to evaporate, there is very little water left in the fibers and gaps, and it dries quickly.

In fact, I conducted an experiment, washing with water to test the water repellency effect, and I was surprised that the water-repellent product dried even faster!

Introduction of Water-Repellent Yarn

As I have introduced many times in this blog, the Proof PLUS series includes water-repellent yarns. Polyester is available with and without stretch, 100% cotton, and cotton-polyester in stock colors. Additionally, it is possible to try different materials by bespoke order, so please contact us.

Proof PLUS Series – 5 Types in Stock Colors

2/68 Proof PLUS Organic (100% cotton)

2/58 Proof PLUS Eco Clear (cotton polyester)


Polyester is the best material for quick-drying, but did you know that water-repellent yarn dries even faster? If it dries quickly, the growth of bacteria will be suppressed, making it a beneficial choice.

The rainy season will be over soon, but it’s nice to be able to wash clothes comfortably. Please take advantage of this information!