I will explain about the jacquard pattern.

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Hello. I’m Tazawa, a new employee of Maruyasu Yarn Co., Ltd.

Recently, it’s getting cold in the morning and evening:)

I can’t wait for the fashionable winter.

Now let’s get down to the main subject.

Do you remember the article I wrote about Jacquard two times ago?

This time I wrote more detailed information, so I will write it as an additional article ^ ^

Single jacquard

Also known as Miss Jacquard or Float Jacquard. When knitting one course, while one colored yarn is knitted on the front side, the other colored yarn turns to the back and floats, and the back yarn flies in the horizontal direction. Since the thread crosses the back, the expansion and contraction will be insufficient, but since the back thread does not crack on the front, the color will be clear. However, since it is necessary to consider how the back thread flies, there are restrictions on the pattern, such as making it a regular petite. The allowable range for flying length of ordinary thread is about 1 inch (2.54CM). In addition, the crossover of the back thread, which is a weak point of the single jacquard edition, is knitted every few stitches, and the crossover is stopped.

Photo seen from the front
Photo seen from the back

This thread crossover may also be used as a design ^^

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Recommended products (additional note 2014.10.7)

As explained above, the thread crosses the back. But I think it’s fashionable to use it as a design:)

How is it?

It is because I dare to show the crossover of this thread that it becomes a fashionable hat with a different face:)

It may be fashionable to let the thread cross like this on the cuffs or part of it.

* As an aside, it is a cow chin sweater that many people use during the winter, but I think there are people who think that the back is similar to a single jacquard.

However, the cow chin sweater is completely different from the single jacquard because it uses the technique of knitting while wrapping the thread on the back, which is called cow chin knitting. If you find it at the store, please take a look.

Double jacquard

Double-textured jacquard knitting. Unlike the single jacquard, there are no particular restrictions on the pattern. However, since the back thread cracks on the front side, the front side may look muddy depending on the color, so it is necessary to devise a color combination. There are two types of back tissue, “back Kanoko” and “back total needle”.

Here is a photo of the double jacquard.

The double jacquard in the photo is woven with a back Kanoko. It is interesting to see through and match with thin thread and thick thread !!

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Recommended products (additional note 2014.10.7)

It is especially recommended for jackets because the knitted fabric is firm.

However, when the collar turns back, the handle will be a fawn or a full needle. You may want to knit the collar plain.

Here’s an image of the jacket

Nordic pattern was popular ^^

How about this year?

That’s right (laughs)

The pattern also comes out so beautifully and you can finish it in a solid knitted fabric !!

Bag jacquard

Double-textured jacquard knitting. Unlike the single jacquard, there are no particular restrictions on the pattern. A method of knitting the whole into a bag and reversing the front thread and the back thread to create a pattern. Since the front and back have the same pattern, it can be used in a reversible style. It is common to use two colors, and the back thread does not crack, so the color comes out clearly.

Here is a photo of the bag jacquard

The pattern is beautifully inverted. It is a knitted fabric that can be used in reversible etc. ^ ^

Actually, if you knit with this bag jacquard elastic thread, you can express the unevenness, and it will be a very interesting knitted fabric !!

(In the photo, if you change the beige part to elastic thread, the blue part will swell.)

Unfortunately, there are no photos, but I will introduce them somewhere !!

Therefore, it is possible to express everything from elegant to avant-garde with knitted fabrics !!

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Recommended product (additional note 2014.10.7)

As explained above, reversible use is possible.

Therefore, not only the blouson but also the coat and the back have a beautiful pattern, so it will not get dirty when the collar is turned back.

This is the image of the coat

The folded collar also has a beautiful pattern ^ ^

Even if you turn the collar back, the pattern will not collapse, so it looks very elegant ^ ^

Blister jacquard

The blister jacquard has a bag-shaped handle.

One of the threads is a stretchable thread and the handle is raised. Blister knitting makes the pattern stand out by using elastic yarn.

At first glance, it looks like a bag jacquard, but the whole is not a bag, and as mentioned above, only the handle is bag-shaped.

Here’s a photo of the blister jacquard

This is a swatch I made when I was a student (laughs)

By the way, the face of this swatch is the face of a knitting teacher ^^ It looks a lot like that (laughs)

Can you see that only the orange part is swollen?

Only this part is bag-shaped.

This is the back photo

Since it is not a bag jacquard, the pattern is not neatly reversed.

By the way, the use of the back is “Back Kanoko” which was also a double jacquard.

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Recommended products (additional note 2014.10.7)

Recommended when you want to make the product plump ^ ^

It will be an interesting knit that is a little different.

This is an image of the sweater

(The image was borrowed from here →

Can’t you see the streaks plump toward the vertical?

This is a unique look of a blister jacquard.

Fukuda introduces the evolved jacquard knitting that is not introduced here, so

“I want to know more about Jacquard!”

Please take a look if you like ^^

I’m sure many people will see it for the first time !!


Well, how about it?

Did you become Dr. Jacquard? (Lol)

“There are various types of jacquard, so I’m not sure …”

You may have an image, but if you understand it even a little, you will be able to understand what kind of item it can be used for!

Also, if I get new information about Jacquard, I will add it.

Please look forward to next time ^^ /