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Stripes and borders of 25-26 AW collection

We just came back from PITTI FILATI, and we are now preparing for our local exhibitions for the Autumn Winter collection.

Our theme for our current collection is Casting and Molding. We are looking at new ways to perceive existing yarns. By melting, casting and molding we are giving an object a new perception. We made knitted swatches from the theme gradation, terracotta and glass textures. As a result, we ended up with a series of unique stripe and border swatches.

To begin with, Patio and Bumpy Wool Double knitting. This comes from By an ‘Inlay’ movement in a circular welt, we have areas where the BUMPY WOOL is hidden. This forms the vertical stripes.

Circular Welt is an interesting structure. For this garment, we knitted a circular welt that alternates. Similar to how we can knit pockets.

By changing the colors and yarns we use, we can get a transparent layer. Here we are using PATIO and BALLOON.

There is many more, check out our entire collection here. If you need any swatches and we can send them to you!

Have a nice summer!