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Contemporary fiber art with MONTELUCE yarns

Hope you are doing well. There is an exhibition near our office, I haven’t been able to go yet.

“Not Quite Yet” at Parcel.

In our daily lives, we often encounter objects such as chairs, ceramics, and other products and crafts that transcends the lines of categorization. When these items deviate from their original “purpose,” categories themselves become powerless, allowing us to appreciate their form and material more purely.

The four artists, designers, and shop owners participating in this group exhibition encourage us to think about design and the act of creating forms by detaching objects from their original intended use. They prompt us to contemplate the essence of design and sculpting itself.

I have been following one of the artists exhibiting, Kwangho Lee. He is a renowned Korean installation artist who have worked with FENDI, and exhibited at Art Basel.  He is originally trained in metalworking, but currently produces benches, lighting fixtures, and works based on traditional cloisonné using industrial wires and ropes. 

He’s using a quite dense rope for his sculptures. This tactility seems similar to our Rivera series, mercerized cotton. The structure of the rope also can be imitated with a thick lily yarn composition. Currently we only have soft lily yarns, but we are able to make customizations if you are interested.

Another artist I have been looking at is Sophie Digard, a French fashion accessories designer. She has a large range of knitted, woven and embroidered pieces.

This first bag seems to be made of wool. We have BALLOON, acrylic wool, and SPUGNA, French wool. These are our wool with widest range of colors. BALLOON especially is very lightweight and has great color projection. SPUGNA is perfect for knitted compositions that require volume. The quality of French wool is that it has a bouncy volume. It’s usually used to stuff bedding.

This second bag has a pleat-like impression. It seems to be a woven piece but we can express this in knit as well. For our recent SS collection, we have a garment of LOSEY and MIERU.

LOSEY is perfect for exaggerating knitted shapes. Ribs and garters are more prominent when knitted with LOSEY. This garment combines this with MIERU, a monofilament yarn. This garment texture most likely can replicate the bag fabric from Sophie Digard.

Our yarns can be used in so many ways to replicate installation pieces and existing accessories.

If you have time do check out the exhibition at PARCEL!