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Featherweight creations: the world of lightweight in knitting

It’s rare that people want to wear clothes with heavy weight.

Even though we pursue the volume to create the specific atmosphere sometimes, we may definitely choose the ones with lightness. Especially in the summertime. Also, the weight of the yarn is also important to the cost because we usually sell the yarn by the weight rather than the length.

Lightness is also part of our theme of 2025 SS. Therefore, the visual design is composed mainly in katagana(which is simpler in shape and makes people feel lighter compared to the kanji), with only a few words in kanji. 

Let’s talk about the lightness in knitting this time!

Looking back to the Rococo period…

Before we start our journey, let’s fly back to 300 years ago to grab a glance of how noble people make volume with their outfit to express their fortune and social status.

During the Rococo period, it was important to show the body line, yet the exaggerated way. Noble women might wear the hoop skirt to create the volume of the hip with a tiny waist. It’s hard to imagine how heavy it is to wear such a hoop with the heavy and elaborately decorated dress. 

It’s also interesting about men’s fashion and their high hairstyle of Rococo, but that will be a long story. Let’s move back to the modern world with higher temperatures compared to 300 years ago.

The structure

Imagine that you use the fiber of wool or cotton to spin the yarn by yourself.

Depending on the speed, it’s possible to get the tense yarn and the loose yarn as well. (However, the loose one may not work in industrial production.)

Then, imagine you put some tiny balloons in the middle of the yarn while spinning. You may get a better volume with lightness.

For example, lily yarn is the one full of air in the middle of the yarn(like the straw).

Also, there are also other spinning techniques for making lighter yarn, such as interlace and boucle, etc. 

Here is one of the boucle yarn called ATON which is 100% cotton. It can create volume with light weight. Also, the effect after garment brushing is exclusive!

The composition

Despite the fineness of the yarn, composition is also important. 

For example, compared to 100% linen, the yarn made of line and polyester may be lighter(the yarn may be washable and more stable when knitting as well ).

ALLONGE is such a yarn with the story. The garment sample of ALLONGE is only 54g!

Also, using the bulky acrylic may give the yarn bulkiness with light weight.

For example, the BALLOON COTTON in our balloon series.

The knitting technique

Through adjusting the gauge,  and the structure, the knitting fabric may have a totally different appearance and weight. There is also some specific knitting method that we use a lot to create lighter swatches.

Such as the mesh stitch.

The garment sample of QUINTET is a great example for it.  The adorable holes make it lighter with an interesting appearance.

Also the sandwich stitch.

By knitting the relatively heavier yarn, the sandwich stitch(with another yarn for combing) may be a good way to create volume with lightness.

Such as the garment sample of MUSCHIO x LOSEY. The appearance and the touch won a lot of hearts from our guests in Pitti filati this time.

Sharing your techniques with us!

Are you also interested in the weight of your clothes like us? There must be plenty of methods to make our outfit lighter with volume! 

Please feel free to share your techniques with us!