2023 Consumer Trends: Navigating the Post-COVID Landscape with WGSN Insights

Hello everyone. It’s been over a year since the corona began to spread, but our lives have changed according to the situation in the corona. With more time spent at home, people are more concerned about interiors, more entertainment online, and more quitting dark shopping and looking for quality goods. I think the values ​​have changed a little compared to before. This time, I will talk about how consumer values ​​will change in 2023, taking into account the influence of Covid-19.


WGSN, a British company that conducts Fashion Trend Forecasting, also independently announces changes in consumer behavior and thinking due to Corona. WGSN is also used by many brands in the United States as a reference for trends, and it is sometimes said that this company is making trends. When I was studying fashion design at an American university, I was often told to design based on the trend forecasts for the season announced by WGSN. Recently, the forecast of consumer behavior in 2023 was announced, so this time I will break down the contents and introduce it.

WGSN describes the consumer image of 2023 in the following four categories

The Predictors

Nowadays, there is a growing interest in stability and high security, such as unstable economic conditions, which cannot be predicted (= cannot be predicted / predicted). Therefore, regular subscription services, point services, pre-orders that show the finish, custom orders, etc. are the keys.

The New Romantics

The current social situation that we have never faced is burdensome both mentally and physically, and inevitably begins to seek emotional connections (= New Romantics). Specifically, it is expected to reshape the community, pursue reality in remote work, and strengthen the local community. Therefore, when improving products and services, it is important to be able to feel emotional ties and to be aware of nature, sustainability, and health.

The Impossible

2020 was a year of resentment, and the assistance of governments and organizations did not go well. As a result, people use technology and people’s hands to lead to a movement to improve the status quo. Therefore, it is expected that in 2023, the cancel culture will overheat and people will have more opportunities to speak out. Diversity in the company and community is required more than before, and it is necessary to reflect it in products and services. Specifically, we develop products that take into consideration various cultures, deepen our understanding of specific regions and cultures, and guarantee the working environment of producers.

The Conductors

Recently, people have been required to have cognitive flexibility (reviewing knowledge from various angles). Specifically, multidimensional analysis and approach, multi-talent, multi-task management, etc. Therefore, new attempts, things that stimulate susceptibility, and carriers that span various fields are required. By 2023, you may be required to invest in new businesses, virtual worlds, online businesses, and more.


I introduced the consumer image of 2023 in four parts, but all of them were the factors that the demand has been increasing since before Covid-19. However, I think that it is becoming more important because the economy is disturbed by the influence of Covid-19, the burden and stress on people are increasing, and life is completely changed. In these days when the future is more uncertain, such analysis and forecasting may be one of the judgment factors.

(All the images this time are used from Unsplash.)