Did you know You can make fiber from milk!

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Happy New Year <(_)> This is Oda.

How was your New Year? I visited my favorite GOLF on the 2nd and went to my favorite GOLF on the 3rd. But other than that, I was living a fat life by drinking and eating (^^;) It seems that it will take some time to return to society. .. .. (-“-)(Lol)

Then the main subject! !!

Did you know that milk can make fiber? ?? That’s right. You can really make fiber from milk.

table of contents

1) Milk fiber The name is “Promix”

2) Characteristics of “Promix”

3) “Promix” use

4) Summary

1) Milk fiber The name is “Promix”

“Promix” is a fiber developed by Toyobo in the 1970s. Animal protein (milk casein) (also called chinon) is bound to acrylic nitrile, which is the raw material for acrylic fiber. Animal protein is contained in milk and was said to be milk fiber. By the way, it is said that about 1.4 liters of milk is required to make 100 grams of “Promix”.

2) Features of “Promix”

● Since it was developed as an alternative material to silk, it has a soft texture and luster like silk.

● Good hygroscopicity. (The skin that has an amino acid moisturizing effect makes it moist and absorbs quickly even if you sweat)

● It is comfortable to wear. (Relieves stuffiness when sweating and relieves coldness after sweating stops)

● Good dyeability and excellent light resistance.

3) “Promix” use

Since it is milk protein, it is gentle on the skin and moisturized, and it has excellent moisturizing properties, so it is used for products that come into direct contact with the skin.

● Underwear

● Towel

● Scarf

● Baby products

● Bedding

Since it is a silk-like fiber, it is also ideal for luxury women’s clothing.

● Formal dresses, party dresses, luxury blouses.

● Elegant knit products.

● Kimono.

4) Summary

I think “Promix” is also one of the eco-friendly materials. Many such wonderful fibers have been developed in Japan, but I feel like I haven’t seen the light of day. From now on, I think that I would like to send more such materials to the world and let them know the wonderfulness of Made in Japan! !!

See you again ~ (^^) /