Characteristics of hemp What is the difference between ramie and linen?

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Hello, this is Matsui.

This is the second post.

Recently, the weather is unstable due to a large typhoon and the timing to wash the laundry

.I’ve been thinking about something like a housewife when it’s difficult.

Well, what I’m going to talk about this time is

The material that is most active in summer because summer is finally in production

I would like to talk a little about “hemp”.

There are two main types of hemp for clothing purposes.

Linen and ramie.

Let’s briefly review the difference between the two.

★ Fiber length

Linen = thin and short

Ramie = thick and long

★ Thread strength

Ramie = said to be the strongest of all natural fibers

Linen=worse than Ramie.

★ Texture / Texture

Ramie is more elastic than linen and his linen is relatively supple

★ Fiber whiteness

Lamy = strong whiteness and gloss

Linen = yellowish hue, gloss is second only to ramie

It looks like the above

In addition to the above, as the main feature of hemp

There is also a big feature that when it gets wet with water, the strength increases by 60% compared to when it dries.

Conversely, it also means that the yarn strength is weak when it is dried.

In the winter when making spring and summer products

It is often said that hemp yarn is difficult to knit because of this.

By the way,

The old Nitter used to knit hemp yarn the night before

Put hemp corn in the bathroom

A device such as burning a bath kettle with the lid removed to absorb moisture all night

It seems that he did.

Even now, I sometimes see similar ideas.

Hemp is a material that is a little quirky to handle,

Its texture, appearance, and atmosphere have a unique atmosphere that other materials do not have.

I also like this material.

For summer coordination that tends to be simple, knowing its characteristics well

I definitely want to make wonderful products that play a role.