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The insect-related swatches from pitti filati 95!

Pitti filati 95 was held in Florence recently, which started with a stormy rain on the first day. It was kind of a disaster for us and our guests, yet I did learn that the rain means fortune and wealth from my Chinese clients before. So, it was actually a great start in some other ways!

This time, the creative team of the pitti filati and the exhibitors all presented their best ideas not just for the knitting designs, but also the beautiful and innovative ideas of the interior design. As an exhibitor, I did learn a lot while walking through all the stands and the trend booth of pitti filati.

Therefore, let’s join my journey and see what I found interesting there!

Inspired by the nature

One of the themes this time is related to the insect. Am I the only one who thinks it’s unusual? haha. Actually It’s creative and kind of gives us an opportunity to explore and learn the beauty from the great nature. All of the mills were assigned to create knitting fabric which is inspired by the lustrous surface of the insect with vivid or natural colors. 

The creation of the swatches and the exhibiting method

Usually we would get the homework of the knitting swatch from pitti’s staff before the exhibit.

However, not until the pitti filati started would we see the completion of the object made by our swatch. So, it’s always surprising for us to visit the trend booth like how our clients feel!

I like how they put the beautiful and exquisite motif of photos on the wall this time as well.

The beauty from the nature

Do you also find anything interesting from nature?

For me, I will never get bored of observing the detail of any plants or mushrooms that I find in my neighborhood! Nature really gives us limitless ideas of designing not just the knitwears but everything!

See you next time!