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Knitting 3D fabrics- reflecting on Brancusi's work

Recently I visited an exhibit at Artizon Museum in Tokyo Station. It was a showcase of Brancusi’s sculptures, photographs and series of other works that was related to Brancusi’s artistic influence.

“Brancusi- Carving the Essence”

There are many ways to create shape in knitwear.

1.Shaping, fully-fashioning

One way is to shape the fabric so when manipulated, it can create a three dimensional structure. This logic is used for shaping knitwear. We discuss this technique in our previous post here.

2.Incorporating stretch yarn

Another way is to add a stretch yarn. When using a stretch yarn, certain sections of the knit will shrink. Using this logic we can make three dimensional forms. This technique usually makes more smooth and flexible structures. The purple gray is a stretch yarn.

In our recent collection, we showcased a special yarn called TROBON. It is a heat reactive transparent yarn. When heat set, it stiffens the yarn its knitted with.

3.Heatset with TROBON

We combined TROBON with FORMA for this swatch. FORMA is our recycled polyester stretch yarn.

Below is a circular motif version of TROBON and FORMA. The circle section is a plaiting of TROBON. However the rest is knitted with only FORMA.

If interested in TROBON, contact us directly and we can send you information on this product.

From a certain era, Brancusi started to take photographs of his studio and work in progress. These black and white photographs demonstrate Brancusi’s artistic sense in space, form and composition.

If you have the time in Tokyo, I would definitely recommend the Brancusi exhibit.