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Explore the textile in Tokyo Disney Land!

I am not sure if everyone has the tendency to see things related to the profession or interest immediately in different places. For me, I tend to see the area of textile in stores, such as the department store and the book store. It‘s exciting to see installation arts decorated in public places or seeing some beautiful interior textile make a space more charming.

This time, I’m going to share some textile related decoration in Tokyo  Disney Land!

A peak of the interior of the Disney hotel

Growing up with Disney’s princess, it’s like a dream if I could be part of their fantastic world. I am a fan of the antique sofa with beautiful botanical patterns. Carpet is also another beautiful item since we don’t use carpet a lot under the hot and humid weather in Taiwan.

Let’s take a closer look at the miniature princess’ rooms! They are so tiny with so many details! You can see the wall paper, the carpet, the curtains are all delicate with high quality which is usually difficult to be made in that size.

Wait! There is a tiny spinning wheel in one of the rooms. Can you find it?

Below is the carpet of the room I stayed. Which story do you think that the carpet belongs to?

Tailor’ rooms

Below is the window decoration of a souvenir shop near the front gate. All the characters in Disney have their iconic outfits which is also one of reasons to make people impressed. I like the color and the simple pattern of the wall paper here which is elegant and makes a good balance of the space. 

Below is the outfit of the mermaid. It’s amazing that the mannequin is literally the body of the mermaid! 

Below is an adorable decoration inside of Cinderella’s castle. The cute animals really have good sense in creating beautiful things!

Do you also like textile like I do? I will be glad if you share with me about the decorations in the Disney near you!

See you next time!