Getting ready for summer knits (already)

It is Sakura season in Japan, which means summer is just around the corner. We are preparing for our upcoming exhibition in Omotesando, and its a great time to show you some of our summer design directions.

1.Open knits

Mesh or open knitted fabrics allow airy breathing garments.

With the recent trends of damaged knits and crochet accessories, mesh and open knits are more common in the market now.

This is our sample made with QUINTET, a tape yarn.

2. Dry touch

Humidity is a big issue in Japan. When its so hot that fabric sticks to the skin. We have been showcasing yarns that are less clingy.

Here is a jacquard swatch made with ALLONGE. It is semi-transparent and light, suitable for layering garments.

We have a series of paper yarns with an extremely light and dry touch. Our finest paper yarn is CEFIRO, a organic cotton and paper blend. We made a pair of pants with this yarn. With a subtle shine and dry touch, such an ideal piece for upcoming summer.

3. Fine gauges

Fine gauges are quite popular in Japan. Especially for a elegant mature look. With a much lighter, breathable material, fine gauge knits are suitable for layering and adding intricacy to knitwear.

MONTELUCE offers a series of beautiful fine gauge yarns. This time however, we have a number of new fine gauge cottons.

This is SOFT QUARTZ. An organic cotton yarn mixed with cupro to add shine and drape while maintaining breathability and reduced clinginess.

SOPHIA is also a new product, a extra fine yarn weight of 2/300. With a increased silk combination on the outside, SOPHIA has a luxurious shine with a cotton stability.

If you have a look at our recent 2025SS collection, you can see more of our general collections. Can’t wait for a summer full of knits!