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Discover Finer BALLOON Yarn: Lightweight Elegance

As the temperature rises throughout the whole season, more and more people are looking for thinner knitwear with lightness.

When it comes to staying stylish, comfortable, and cool especially during the Autumn and Winter time, look no further than the finer BALLOON yarn, the BALLOON42 which is the finest one in our BALLOON series!

All the colors are with stock service. Please click here for a closer picture of the color card and the stock information.

Indulge in the luxurious blend of merino wool and unique acrylic with BALLOON42, a roundish yarn that harmoniously combines the volume of bulky acrylic with the comfortable texture of wool. This unique blend allows you to create voluminous and light knitwear that are perfect for any season.

This exceptional yarn offers some features that make it the perfect choice for textiles:

Featherlight and Airy

The fine BALLOON42 has been crafted to keep you feeling featherlight and breezy. Its unique blend of high-quality materials ensures that your completed projects are delightfully lightweight.

↑ These are the plain stitches of 14GG-1 ply with lightness and extremely soft texture.

↑ The half cardigan stitch is breathable with volume.

Gentle on the Skin

Despite its fine gauge, the BALLOON42 preserves the softness and comfort that you’d expect from premium yarn. Its gentle touch against your skin ensures that your creations are a sheer pleasure to wear. This attribute is especially valuable for creating soft and elegant garments that keep you comfortable throughout the whole season.

↑The interlock stitch gives you a gentle touch.

The left one is the interlock stitch made of 14GG-1 ply.

The right one is the interlock stitch made of 12GG-1 ply with boiling finishing(15 mins).

You can see that the left one has a smoother texture while the boiled one has the hairy touch.

Endless Creative Possibilities

With its finer gauge and unique characteristics, BALLOON42 invites you to explore endless creative possibilities. 

Let’s see two other swatches!

↑The 2 swatches are both plain stitches with 14GG-1 ply. However, the finishing methods are different which turned out to have different textures.

The left one is with normal washing finishing for wool material. 

The right one is with boiling finishing(40°C / 104°F for 30 mins).

↑The edge of the boiled one looks like nonwoven fabric. 

The characteristics create the broad possibilities of the yarn BALLOON42.

Starting your unique creations with BALLOON42!

BALLOON42 is a yarn that combines the volume of bulky acrylic with the comfortable texture of wool. As the finest yarn count in our BALLOON series, BALLOON42 is not only comfortable with volume but also a solution for rising temperatures.

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