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Kuzu, an edible plant which is an amazing material for textile as well: part 2

In the previous article of kuzu, we were talking about how to get the fiber step by step. This time, I would like to introduce the food made by it! 

Before I came to Japan, kuzu was a medicine used when people got fever. The Japanese used the root of kuzu to make medicine which is also familiar  to Taiwanese. Then, I realized that kuzu is not just something healthy, but also something tasty and popular for all the generation in Japan.

The medicine made by the root of kuzu.

kuzu sweet

Other than the medecine, Japanese use the root of kuzu to make some dessert as well. The kuzu dessert such as kuzu tofu, kuzu soup, kuzu manju(a kind of tiny steamed bread), and kuzu mochi are so popular throughout the generations.

Here are some pictures of the desserts made of kuzu.

The kuzu soup with the salty sakura.

The kuzu manju with sakura filling. The leaf outside is the sakura as well.

Kuzu mochi

In tradition, Japanese get the starch from the root of kuzu and try to make it finer and finer in the winter time. After that, they spend 2~3 months drying and get the pure powder of the starch.

The starch is white and is basically difficult to mix with water. However, by adding the heat and keeping mixing the starch with the water, the liquid will gradually get harder and turn into a beautiful crystal clear color.

Here is the video showing how to make kuzu mochi.

The typical way to enjoy the adorable dessert is to put some black sugar syrup and kinako powder(the soy powder) as the topping. You can find kuzu mochi everywhere in all seasons(like the convenience store, the grocery store, etc.), but it’s popular especially in the summer time!

It is also popular to add the matcha powder in the process to give the kuzu mochi a tea flavor.

The matcha kuzu mochi with sweet red beans.

Let’s give it a try!

If you haven’t tasted the kuzu mochi, you must put it on the list! Maybe you can get it in the store near you.

Or, perhaps you can make the kuzu mochi on your own from getting the root of the kuzu first!

See you next time!