Staging Knits: Showcasing concepts for Knitted Collections

Last weekend I visited a video exhibition, Non-syntax- Experimental Image SISA.

With fashion week, and couple of international art shows happening in Japan, we see much more international artists showcasing in Tokyo. It’s encouraging to see so many different art forms in such a busy city.

Here at Monteluce, we have a theme for each collection. The theme for our recent Autumn Winter collection is:

Elevating Materials: Unleashing their power

We are tracing back to the original quality of a material and maximizing its’ characteristics for a better performance. This time we focused heavily on Japanese paper making and a concept of “Ishokujyu”(衣食住) which directly translate to clothing, food and shelter.

As part of our exhibit we set up a A2 size paper installation. This was a paper made with various yarn fibers. This was exhibited at both Pitti Filati and our Daikanyama exhibition.

This paper was made by our staff by hand, using yarn and various fibers; washi, Pima cotton, Merino wool, silk, bamboo, linen and polyester. We sent a small section of the paper to each of our close customers.

Along with the visuals we released a prologue, a summery of the collection and explanation of our theme. For those who aren’t able to visit our exhibitions, the prologue introduces all the yarns for the recent collections.

Speaking of paper, we also renewed our General Book for the collection.

Of course we consider our yarns when building our seasonal concept. However we give attention to other small details to communicate our theme to our audiences.

We are currently working on the next upcoming theme. Meanwhile have a look at our previous knitting inspirations. 

It’s quite interesting to see different ways knits are exhibited, placed alongside other items and presented to tell a material story.

We will be uploading visuals related to our paper theme via our Instagram. Do follow us!