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Exhibit review — Shiota Chiharu: The soul tremblesExhibit review

Humans use yarns for multiple purposes. The yarn of MONTELUCE is mainly used by  apparel designers for gorgeous clothes. We hope the people who wear clothes made by our yarns can feel the characteristics and the joy behind them!

Besides fashion, how can we influence people’s emotion by yarn?

Today, I want to share a Japanese artist, Shiota Chiharu, who uses yarns as a method to express several emotional issues which you can not explain by words.

Yarn installations

Although Shiota uses various methods creating her works, such as photos, films, objects, drawing, and performance, I want to share some photos of her installations made by yarns.

It’s bold to use the red color in my opinion. I think colors give people different feelings depending on their culture and experiences. For me, this giant installation shows me something energetic, as if I was walking inside an organ of a creature.

For this, it made me feel the dark emotion which is complicated and means the trauma of life.

The piano was open, but the place was silent which made me feel that the minority groups tend to be forbidden to speak for themselves.

This is like a wave of transportation. Every suitcase came from different places with different purposes and backgrounds. It also made me recall the time before the pandemic when people could travel basically without limit.

The potential power of the yarn

How did you feel about the installation of Shiota?

Yarn can be soft and warm as a clothes. It can also be powerful to influence our emotions. 

Here is the last photo of today. Some mini objects with the view showing the tiny architectures of Tokyo. What a fun combination!

See you next time!