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Staging Knits: Interior and Arts

Knit is often known for being used for knitwear or handicrafts. There are a number of brands that work with knitted interiors. I want to show you some unconventional knit ideations.


Their collaboration with Raf Simons and sound proof knitted textiles is really exciting.

Their recent collection is for a relaxing lounge setting.

It is quite interesting to see fashion and lifestyle merge through the lens of textiles. There is unlimited possibility with fibers and yarns and it is best communicated in a medium of a product. I look forward to any new product development by Kvadrat.


Originally a Swiss furniture company, very color concious and uses superior fabrics for interior.

They also have a online color material library, to see different materials

Have you heard of envisions? It is a residency of artists, a community for material development. The medium used by the artists aren’t conventional materials. Which is why its a big inspiration pool for those looking to see something new and transformational.

Even though textile design can be niche, its nice to have communities that support the development of these creations. Not just in a scientific way, but also an artistic way. It helps us rethink what it means to make fabrics and allow us to develop ideas we never had before.