What kind of woven fabric do you want to weave?

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Good morning ~ ヾ (o´ ヮ `) ノ ☆ 彡 Maruyasu Yarn is an office work Ogura ^^ ♬

It’s a delicious season for food ♡

It’s hard for me to be tempted (´﹃ `) But I think that there is nothing else that makes me as happy as when I’m eating delicious food (^^ ♪)

By the way, when I was watching TV this morning while eating breakfast, I said, “This year, Gobelin-woven clothes are in fashion! I was doing it. Gobelin weave? What is it? A fairy that appears in Harry Otter? ?? ?? I’m curious! !! !! !!

I checked it out \ (^ o ^) /

What is “Gobelin Weave”?

A type of woven fabric. This name refers to the tapestry of tapestry made in the textile workshop of the Gobelins family in France, so it became a more general name for weaving. Weaving patterns was also made in ancient times in the New Kingdom of Egypt, the Copts, and medieval Europe. However, when he calls it Gobelin weave, he specifically refers to European tapestries that weave patterns from the 15th to 16th centuries. It is still being produced in France and Belgium. In addition to direct sketches such as Raphael, Boucher, Monet, and Dufy, there are various expressions such as works based on masterpieces and depictions of incidents and commemorative events, but the color scheme, composition, luxury, etc. In all respects, including scale, there are many masterpieces during the Louis XIV era. The technique is weft, which uses colored threads and weaves them in different colors depending on the pattern. The main material of the thread is hair and linen, and silk, gold, and silver thread may be used.

I see! It’s a very historical textile with a long history! ^^

I think there are many people who have seen something like this ↓↓↓↓↓↓.

It’s a very nice woven fabric, isn’t it? + ゜. : ゜ + (People’∀`) Uttori + ゜:. * ゜ +.

If you take a closer look, the shadows and small parts are woven beautifully, and it’s so beautiful that you can sigh ♡♡♡ I had the impression that it was a bit like a Japanese kimono ^^

What other patterns are there? When I thought about it and searched for it, it was ok! I found a lot of fashionable patterns, cute patterns, and slightly unusual patterns, so I’ll put them all out here \ (^ o ^) /

how is it! There are various patterns like this!

While I was watching, I also wanted it (laughs). On weekends, I will go shopping and look for rare Gobelin woven clothes ノ゚▽゚)ノ☆彡