Processing to suppress pilling!? Explains anti-pill processing

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Yes, thank you, hello everyone. I’m 👓.

Have you been exercising lately?

I’m not at all.

Therefore, probably because I’m dull recently, I almost die when I go up the stairs.

I thought about it , do you all know ↓??

It looks fun ~

I didn’t know the name of this sport, so I looked it up in “The name of the guy who climbs the wall”.

It sounds like “bouldering”. Besides that, it seems to be called “free climbing” and “sport climbing”.

Actually, I wanted to try this, so I ran ahead and bought a jersey.

I would like to try it at the “new year”.

I’m excited to think that I can get a strong body that can withstand the rush hour of commuting.

Now, let’s get down to the main subject.

last time? Two times before? Two times before? Before …

Eh ~, the blog I wrote around the end of October (laughs) “Don’t spare time! I will explain the cause of pilling and how to care for it.”

Is it possible to eliminate the pilling introduced in the above?

There were no such questions, but in everyone’s hearts

“I want to know how to do Tazawa-san’s pilling!”

I think that you are thinking about it (laughs), so this time I would like to introduce a process that prevents pilling.

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Review of pilling

In pilling, the fibers rub against each other and become entangled with each other to form a bundle, forming a pill (pilling or pill). Hair fibers have a peculiar scale (scale-like), and the more they are, the easier it is to form pills, but animal hair fibers etc. have relatively small scales, so the pills can be removed. It may fall. This is called “pill dropout”.

Check out the glasses blog for more details. → 👓

What is anti-pill processing?

By soaking it in chemicals, it makes it difficult to cause friction that causes pilling, and by weakening the strength of the fibers themselves, it is a process that prevents the fibers from getting entangled and forming pills.

However, anti-pill processing does not mean that pills cannot be formed at all, but it is a processing method that makes it difficult for pills to be formed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?


After all, the merit is that pills are less likely to occur.

Since it is less likely to occur, it is possible to improve these anxiety factors such as “you have to be careful about care” and “you cannot continue wearing”, so it is very worn and cared for. It’s easy to remove, and you can use your favorite knit for a long time.


The disadvantage is that the texture is a little worse.

After all, since it is passed through the chemical once, it may be a little harder than the original texture and may feel stiff.



How was it?

The more you know, the deeper the processing is ~

There are other processes I would like to introduce, so please look forward to it until the next time ~