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The secret behind the well-made knitting outfit — a visit of knitting factory in China

Right after the Spin expo Shanghai held in March 2024, I visited several customers in China with my colleagues. By the way, our article PISA was picked the most from customers who visited the expo this time. Especially this stitch samples!

Besides discussing the circumstances of the markets, the new ideas toward yarns, we also got a precious opportunity to take a look at one of the knitting factories which produces around 6 millions of knitting wears every year.

So, let’s take a look at the secret behind those beautiful knitting garments with me!

The humidity and the temperature is everything!

well. When knitting, the humidity and the temperature should be highly controlled to make sure that the yarn is keeped in the same situation and environment. For example, the line or the flex may easily be broken once the environment is too dry. Especially in the winter time. Also, some of the materials have high standard moisture regain which will be affected by the humidity a lot.

The blue appliance will spread moist through the fans to control the knitting environment.

Tension controlling is the key to knit beautiful loops

ension is so important in the world of industrial production. Not liking the hand knitting or the knitting machine at home, we can’t adjust the tension of the yarn anytime we want with the industrial machine. Therefore, sometimes our customers ask about the problems of the patterns which shouldn’t happen in plain stitches. Which usually happens in the situation of bad tension controlling. Each factory must have their own methods dealing with the tension.

The sponge under the cone will give some friction to the yarn and can help avoid tangling. Same effects also work with the elastic net covering the whole cone, especially to the smooth yarn. 

This device on the knitting can be seen in the rather newer knitting which helps control the knitting tension as well.

The finishings which elevates the quality of materials

In the factory we visited this time, the finishing is so well controlled that every yarn has its own recipe after knitting. The finishing is really important because different washing methods may end up getting totally different styles of garments. Take the cashmere for example, the yarn may look straight and smooth yet after the right washing method, the yarn may be fluffy which make the outfit warmer and look luxurious.

The ironing machine specially for the cashmere knitting wear. Other than the normal iron, the  steam may come out from the bottom and make the fiber of cashmere more fluffy.

The cashmere washing machine which washes the garments more tenderly and slower.

The mercerization machine which usually deals with the cotton material. After the mercerization, the cotton may earn a beautiful luster similar to the silk.

The effort behind the garments we are wearing

This time, I introduced several details behind the production. Hope you enjoyed the journey with me! Also, I want to thank all the professional staff who help take care of our yarn and turn them into gorgeous pieces!

See you soon!