• Exhibition

MONTELUCE will exhibit the 2025 SS collection in Pitti Filati next week!

Time flies. I still remember the days in Florence last summer. 

The incredible flavors of gelato from different stores, 

the vivid colors in the grocery stores, 

and countless people with warm smiles… 

Just can’t wait to go back to the city again!

“The Aperture, Lightness and Touch”

About the theme of 2025 SS, we were inspired by the essence of the Japanese paper, washi. 

“The Aperture, Lightness and Touch” This time, we will bring you several new yarns with textures which make you feel comfortable in the hot and humid summer. Also, we will show you the exquisite knitwear with lightness and elegance. 

Through designing the method to combine different yarns and adjusting the tension and the stitches, garments show different looks. This is how we use our yarn to make the swatches and garment samples. Owning good yarn is not enough, the most important part is to cooperate with the professional partner in the knitting factory and express the idea of what you want to create. In our 2025 garment and stitch samples, you will find interesting points in all the designs. 

Prologue of the 2025 SS

Pitti Filati 94

Welcome to participate our journey in Pitti Filati 94 next week!

Date: 24-26 January, 2024

Place: Fortezza da Basso, Florence

Stand: No G14

Please feel free to visit our stand or contact us for an appointment!

Can’t wait to meet you all there!

Also, you can find more information in our collection page as well!