Prologue for 2025 Spring/summer collection

The Aperture, Lightness and Touch

With the increase of material cost and reduction of waste, our solution is to knit more with less material for our 2025 SS collection.

As part of the prologue, we created a folded pamphlet.

With an emphasis on lightness, simplicity, and compact form this prologue was a photo print on translucent paper. In contrast to our traditional yarn specification, this is more of a sneak peek of the upcoming collection. This play of shape and color in grids reflects the excitement of yarn design.

The images are a blend of my photographs and AI-generated imagery. The slightly scattered organization of the images, and yet its intricacy is a perfect representation of our fancy yarns in Monteluce.

Visual for Herve Deknit created with AI

Bamboo paper is used for the prologue. In Japan we have a bamboo over-growing issue. Bamboo paper is strong despite its lightweight and translucent qualities. There is a lot we can learn from paper production.

Speaking of paper, we have a range of washi-yarns for this collection. The delicacy and lightness of paper as yarn is special.

Along with the physical pamphlet, we have our digital contents as well.

I hope you liked the prologue this time. We will be positing photos on our Instagram. See you soon!