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Staging Knits: Dressing your legs

So much of what we wear. even your seamless Descente T-shirt is made with the same technique as your chunky vintage intarsia sweater.

It’s hard to imagine layering with this summer heat. For the legs, it’s a different story.

I will be showing you a few knit forms to dress your legs.


Obviously, socks are knitted, chunky or translucent.

In Japan, we have tiny socks just for your heel or toes. Quite fun accent to your strap sandals.

Leg warmers

I came across these cute accessories/ankle warmer from Cecile Bahnsen’s latest sneaker collaboration with Asics. Monotone layered sock detail with some embroidery on the trims.

combining your low gauge hand-knit to your sci-fi tech wear. Why not?


Looking for something a bit different? A garter knit, or knit a garter?

Knit fabrics have its own stretchy structure. The elastic band or belt section can be replicated using the knitted techniques. I’ve seen this idea used for several knit student’s work and young designers. Might be something to expand on further.


Yes、 from sneakers to sliders, a lot of footwear is made from knit. For chunkier yarns, crochet techniques, and finer yarn, circular knitting techniques are used.

Why don’t you dig deeper by checking our yarn library to find the ideal yarn for your footwear?