How is the trend color decided? | 20-21AW Trend Color

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Hello, this is Katano.

It’s in the middle of 20-21AW Fashion Week.

In this article, I would like to reiterate the colors that are attracting attention in the collection.

Do you know how the trend colors that come out each season are decided?

Let’s see how trend colors are made and 20-21AW trend colors.

How to decide the trend color

There are also several specialized institutions for trend colors, and each season announces trend colors.


The official name of Intercolor is “INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION FOR COLOR”

Established in 1963, it is the only international organization that selects fashionable colors.

16 countries around the world are members (as of 2020), and each member country brings in the proposed colors and selects the spring-summer color in June and the autumn-winter color in December, about two years before the actual season. This is the world’s earliest trend color selection, and the direction of the intercolor selection color plays a so-called trendsetter role in the trend color information of each country in the world that will be announced later.

Japan is also a member of this intercolor, and the trend color of the season is decided based on trend information such as color trends and social trends.

JAFCA (Japan Fashion Color Association)

JAFCA is sending the trend colors announced at Intercolor to Japan. The trend color will be decided by JAFCA about one and a half years before the season. After that, it is transmitted as fashion information to consumers as a product.

In other words, it takes about two years for the trend color to penetrate.


PANTONE, which is familiar in the sample book, also announces trend colors.

PANTONE analyzes trend colors not only in the fashion industry but also in various fields such as interiors and graphics.

The “Color of the Year” is held in December every year, and one color of interest for the following year will be announced. This Color of the Year influences product development and purchasing decisions in various industries. PANTONE’s trend colors are attracting attention from many industries such as fashion, furniture, industrial design, as well as products, packaging and graphic design.

By the way, the Color of the Year in 2020 is “Classic Blue”.

The reason for the selection is “a timeless and lasting color with elegance in simplicity. The nature that brings a sense of security reminiscent of the dusk sky is a reliable and stable foundation when crossing the entrance to a new era. It highlights our desire for ”.“ The color is selected in the image of the dawn of a new era of 2020.

20-21AW Trend Color (PITTI FILATI86)

It is a trend color chart of 20-21AW announced at “PITTI FILATI”, the world’s largest yarn trade fair held in June 2019.

Let’s take a look at the hot colors this season.

Warm colors (brown, wine, bright orange)

The first is the place where there are many browns in the basic color. Black and gray have been the mainstream for several years as basic colors, but it seems that it will be the year to shift to brown.

Wine is one of the trend colors while there are many elegant looks. In addition, there were many dull pinks in the knitted fabric that gave a gentle impression in warm colors.

Even though there are many warm colors, bright orange was also seen. Orange, which has a high-colored tone like neon, is also a trend.

Cool colors (ash blue mint)

The trend for blue is ash blue, which is grayish as opposed to warm colors. The trend color of PANTONE was classic blue, but the calm and reliable blue is impressive.

Although it is AW, there were many mint colors as accents. There is still a trend in street sports, but mint is likely to be used as the accent color.

At the end

I found the trend color mechanism to be interesting. It’s fun to match up the trend color predictions at Fashion Week, isn’t it? The 2021SS PITTI FILATI will be held at the end of this month, so I’m looking forward to the announcement of the next trend color.

See you again.