Large shopping malls nationwide. Where is the best selling?

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Hello everyone! From the photo of Saiko I went the other day (it has nothing to do with the content!)

Now, this time I would like to write about the large shopping malls that are spreading all over the country! I think everyone is using it well. Isn’t it more frequent, especially if you have children?

Where on earth is it supported? So I will announce the ranking in sales. (2018 version)

Nationwide NO, 1 Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens


Sales 78 billion yen

Site: 19000 tsubo

Number of stores: 297

Founded in 2008

No. 1 in a dignified manner! !! Spread to the site of Nishinomiya Stadium in front of Hankyu Nishinomiya Station! It’s just halfway between Osaka and Kobe!

Is the location good? I am surprised that the top is in the strong metropolitan area!

NO, 2 Lazona Kawasaki Plaza


Sales 76.7 billion yen

Site 24,000 tsubo

Number of stores 339

Founded in 2006

It is a super-large mall that spreads after the Toshiba headquarters in front of Kawasaki station. You’re planning a pretty famous talent event every weekend!

NO, 3 Gotenba Premium Outlet


Sales 76.1 billion yen

Site 13500 tsubo

Number of stores 222

Founded in 2000

We are still expanding the site by pioneering the outlets you know about the site of Odakyu Family Land!

NO, 4 LaLaport TOKYO-BAY


Sales 72 billion yen

Site 31500 tsubo

Number of stores 425

Founded in 1981

Looking at this, the size of the site is unusual!



Sales 60 billion yen

Site 21500 tsubo

Number of stores 319

Founded in 2015

It was only four years ago that the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park was built, but the 5th place is excellent!

NO, 6 Terrace Mall Shonan


Sales 52.6 billion yen

Number of stores: 297

Site: 19000 tsubo

Founded in 2011

It was born in 2011 on the site of a steel mill in Fujisawa City. It is the only large-scale mall in the Shonan area.

NO, 7 Mozo Wonder City


Sales 52.4 billion yen

Number of stores 228

Site 25700 tsubo

Founded in 2009

I didn’t know. It is a large mall that was born as a rebuilding of Wonder City in Nagoya City. It is ranked in by taking advantage of the location in front of the highway interchange, not in front of the station.

NO, 8 LaLaport Fujimi


Sales 50 billion yen

Number of stores 321

Site 14200 tsubo

Founded in 2015

This is also a large mall that was built in Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture four years ago.

NO, 9 LaLaport Yokohama


Sales 48 billion yen

Number of stores 283

Site 28,000 tsubo

Founded in 2007

It has spread to the site of NEC. The surrounding condominiums have been rebuilt due to the seismic camouflage problem that became a hot topic for a while.

NO, 10 LUMINE Shinjuku


Sales 47.8 billion yen

Number of stores 240 stores

Sales floor area not disclosed

It’s a long-established station building system you know! There is a lot of power to be in the ranking!

Extra edition Narita Airport Building

Narita Airport is not a mall and is a facility that was not in this ranking but boasts ridiculous sales.

We are proud of sales of more than 120 billion yen in 2018.

With the increase in tourists from overseas, the momentum will exceed 150 billion yen in a few years!

How was it? Did you have a mall that you usually go to?

Among the malls I know, the malls in the ranking are positive events,

We are renovating and I feel like I can have a different image whenever I go!

Shall we go again this week?

see you!