About the difference in knit alignment and plating

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Hello everyone! I’m Hatanaka.

It’s been hot days lately, but I think it’s easy to get sick at the turn of the season, but please be careful.

I’ve been having a slight cold lately…..

By the way, this time I would like to talk about the familiar alignment and plating.

Thank you.

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Alignment is the process of aligning and knitting threads of two or more colors from the same clue.

Therefore, when you look at the threads on the front and back, the threads appear unevenly in a mottled pattern.

top : front, bottom : back

Plating (double white)

It is a method of knitting two colors of threads on the front and back.

The method of inserting the clue differs depending on the type of machine.

When using two or more carriers, or by dividing the clue into two, we will knit on the front and back respectively.

Therefore, the finished knitting will be divided into front and back.

The colors are separated and easy to understand, right?

top : front, bottom : back


How was it?

Are you worried about the lame thread hitting your skin or tingling?

In such a case, if you use the plating technique, it may be possible to operate so that the lame thread does not echo on the back (the part that hits the skin). Of course, it can be used for knitting, but it can also be used for such techniques, so please make the best use of each feature.