What is the basics of rubber structure, total needles?

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Hello everyone.

Recently I started bouldering.

It was my first time to climb a wall with stones, which was quite thrilling and very fun!

It looks colorful and cute!

The floor is a fluffy cushion, so it’s safe even if it falls, and it was fun to feel that it was softly received. I’m a little addicted to it

Well then, I would like to get into the main subject.

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What is a total needle?

It is a knitting method that uses all the needles of the rib encounter knitting machine.

Compared to 1×1 ribs, the eyes are clogged so it is firm.

Also known as total rubber knitting, it is a basic knitting fabric for rubber knitting along with 1×1 rubber knitting.

Because it is solid, it is often used for placket and accessories.

This is the drafting↓

Total needle knitting diagram

What is the back total needle?

Do you know the specification of the back total needle?

The front is ribbed and the back is full needle, which is characterized by the fact that the ribs can be seen straight without getting too tight inside.

The ribs can be either 1×1 ribs or 2×2 ribs.

It is often used when there is a slit or you do not want to shrink it as much as possible.

Seen from the table, it looks like this ↓

Seen from the back, it looks like this. ↓


What did you think?

The total needle is also a member of the rib introduced last time.

Not only the placket and hem, but also the perfect pullover with the whole needle in full bloom is good.

If you make it a border, it might be marine and cute!

Please try various designs!