Processing unique to knit, change to needle pulling pattern by crimping ~ Partial pile style ~

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I’m Tazawa from Maruyasu Yarn.

I bought glasses recently ^^

It’s a metal frame !!

The top is the old glasses lol

It’s nice to have two glasses because you can change them according to your mood.

By the way, aside from that, this time I would like to verify how the simple needle pulling pattern changes by using the knit processing and knitting that is unique to everyone’s familiar needle pulling pattern.

First of all, it is basic to use the following items for the purpose of squeezing.

・ Give a texture

・ Put out hair

However, this time, I used the characteristic of shrinking by shrinking, not for the purpose of texture.

I made a knitted fabric ^^

table of contents

・ What is needle pulling?

・ Explanation of knitted fabric with each needle pulling width

First of all, I will explain from the needle pulling handle.

What is needle pulling?

Needle pulling means pulling out the needle between knitting (set the needle so that it cannot be knitted and proceed with knitting).

By pulling out the needle, you can enlarge the stitches, form ribs, and cross the thread to form a pattern.

Since the needle is pulled out intentionally, the needle is used twice as much as usual.

Therefore, if the width of the body is large, the knitting width will not fit and you may not be able to knit unless you insert a joint.

This time, I would like to make a pile-like knitted fabric using squeezed velvet for such a needle-pulling “pattern that allows the thread to pass”.

I made a pile style with two kinds of needle pulling width ^ ^

Please see the picture below.

・ 6×2 needle removal

How is it?

The 6th eye is squeezed and the needle is pulled out and the 2nd eye is floating.

You can also express the pile by doing this ^ ^

It may be cute if the flat surface is fluffy and the surface has a swelling and partial use.

・ 5 × 1 needle removal

How is it?

I tried narrowing the width of the needle puller ^ ^

The unevenness is suppressed compared to the previous 6×2 needle removal !!

As the space is narrowed, unevenness is suppressed and it looks like it is plump as a whole.

If this is the case, it may be possible to use a pattern as a whole ~ ^^


How was everyone?

Just pulling out the needle can be done on a pile-like knitted fabric.

I thought that there are various ways to use the knitted fabric, so I was making this knitted fabric ^^

There may be patterns other than needle pulling that can change the expression by adding the processing of squeezing.

I will find such a pattern again and make it !!

see you~