2023 Spring/Summer

10. "Double exposure"
Double exposure is the technique in photography that layers two different exposures on a single image, combining two photographs into one.

In recent years, it has become more difficult to procure various raw materials around the world than it was 20 to 30 years ago.
There is no doubt that the amount of raw materials is decreasing worldwide due to the shrinking production areas and problem of low-wage labor and forced labor.
Most of our yarn is produced in Japan, however they are shrinking in scale, and there is growing concern about securing our production year by year.

We produce yarn, not clothes. It is not possible to create clothes without yarn. We must be able to provide the optimum yarn when the designer wants to use it.
We believe that it is one of our missions to prepare not only the quality of yarn but also the "quantity" required by our customers as much as possible.
Considering only the concerns of raw materials and factories, the variations of the yarns we provide are only basic yarns that are easy to secure production volume. However, it is not possible to make attractive things with that.

This collection was inspired by the theme "Double Exposure".
It means that they are mainly the basic items, but by superimposing yarn with various textures on it, the expressions and colors are enriched. We hope to expand the possibilities of creation.

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