2023-24 Autumn/Winter

11. "Reconstructing"


In addition to the negative effects of the prolonged pandemic, the war of aggression, and other affairs, we’re in an unusual situation that we’ve never experienced before. For us who make and provide yarns, the procurement of raw materials is getting harder and harder, affecting the following process of spinning, twisting, dyeing, and winding.

In such a situation, there is no doubt that customers select yarns not only based on design and quality, but also when various factors meet the requirements.
Setting price aside, there’s a mission of how to provide the optimum amount required by customers at the optimum time. For us who provide yarns, the operation during this present time is absolutely a more difficult request compared to before.

The theme this time is "reconstruction". The path we previously constructed through making yarns, forming relationships, using the best quality equipment and our experience is our precious property which has shaped who we are today. In a constantly changing world we are aware that upgrading and continuously striving to improve is necessary, but not without maintaining the core of who we are and our foundation.

When thinking about what we have to do now in order to be more attractive and trusted by many knit designers who use our yarns, we’re going to organize and reveal all the elements of the environment surrounding us, then propose as many plans as we can this time.

Please go to the below link to see the color cards for 2023-24 Autumn and Winter collection.



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