2022-23 Autumn/Winter



From the late 1970s to the 1980s, a number of Japanese modern fashions were created. Until that time, most of them imitated designs from overseas. Various kinds of unique fashion were born, such as Japanese designer’s brand which came to the front at the runway in Paris and the black-on-black clothes impacted to the West, and street fashions influenced by punk music and magazines became popular.
We were interested in that time and had the opportunity to review them. Many fashions through the camera lenses of that time felt the strength which is not in the present day.
What is the difference from now?
Why do the posters, signboards, and even people look so powerful?
Today in 2021, the world has changed even more. Anyone can easily obtain a large amount of information. In addition, it has become possible for anyone to send personal messages to many people through social media. However, we think it's definitely less individual than before. We don't think we are the only ones who feel it. We believe that fashion is a part of self-expression, both making and dressing are all self-expressions. We don't want them to be just daily necessities.
In the 22-23 Autumn and Winter collection, we hold our desire to take on a variety of challenges and expand the possibilities of creation.


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