2024-25 Autumn/Winter


13 . Elevating Materials: Unleashing their Power


The interest to bring out the best of a medium

applies to every “Ishokujyu” culture around the world.

“Ishokujyu”-relates to the basic needs of survival. It has three characters that represent clothing, food, and shelter.


Japan, however, has a particularly ingrained culture of craftsmanship.

It has numerous unique customs that distinguish it from other parts of the world.

As a result, exceptional workmanship has flourished in Japan and is recognized internationally.


We chose to focus on this as the theme for the latest collection.


Over time, raw materials, equipment, and technical expertise involved in our yarn production have undergone various changes due to different circumstances.

These changes have brought about positive aspects such as advancements in technology and equipment.

On the other hand, they have also presented negative aspects;

the scarcity of previously easily obtainable raw materials,

a decrease in skilled artisans,

and the inability to continue meticulous yarn production that was only possible with traditional and simple machinery.


Even in such circumstances, we continued to apply our expertise

and refine yarn that can impress designers.


Our biggest realization is that, this practice of ours

relates to one of the many customs of Japanese workmanship.


To elevate “Sozai”/ material

“Sozai” -relates to the resources that materialize the properties and qualities of a product. The term is often used for artistic products. The word emphasizes the importance of selecting and utilizing the right materials to shape the outcome. Thereby encouraging consideration of the properties to enhance the end product.

This does not solely mean expressing the inherent qualities of the material,

It also relates to adding qualities to enhance the hidden gems of a material.

We continuously aim to understand the characteristics of the materials,

highlight their strengths, compensate for their weakness

and manifest an even better version


This is the mission behind our craftsmanship.


Please go to the below link to see the color cards for 2024-25 Autumn/Winter collection.



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