2021-22 Autumn/Winter

Please go to the below URL to see the color cards for MONTELUCE 2021‐22 autumn and winter collection.

The world is still changing day after day. It is due to changes in the global environment due to the progress of global warming
It is the economic flow and the impact of the coronavirus that is still in the midst of it.
Among various changes, people's demands for fashion and changes in "necessary clothes" naturally occur, and we take these changes as the most important in our involvement in developing yarn.
In recent years, "Ethical" and "Sustainable", these words have become more and more popular, and with each passing year, we have become more elaborate in the production of yarn, such as the selection of materials that consider the global environment and the development of processing technology.
The most conscious theme of 2021-22 Autumn/Winter collection was the pursuit of further quality. We are conscious of providing the most suitable clothes for the people who need them, without wasting unnecessary things.
The days when clothing was oversupplied to the market are not long ago.
Recycled raw materials and the use of ecological manufacturing methods are also very important in modern times. But, of course, there is no need for more supply than necessary.
The theme of the creation was to create a so-called "neighbor" yarn of classic yarn which has been loved and used as a standard for many designers.
It started with reviewing the selection of raw materials for thread, which had been a staple, from the beginning, and it was a consideration of the industry's automatic thinking, which is considered to be the common knowledge of the review of the production process.
By taking one more step in the process that was normally used, we can express the delicate and beautiful finish of yarn and sometimes review the selection of the machines and modify to make it a staple that has been positioned until now. After a little change, we produce the theme of a collection that will be loved for a long time.


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