2025-26 Autumn/Winter


Casting and Molding

From a generation of imitating major fashion trends, we are shifting towards more individualistic expressions. Communities have become more accepting of personal values, and diverse identities than before. We believe inclusivity is at the heart of this new shift.

Due to various conflict endures, we have evolved, becoming more aware of the inequalities and discrimination hidden within our daily lives. Given this new outlook on life, what kind of society should humanity aspire to create? Should it be an inclusive society that celebrates culture, values, and appearances without marginalization?

Building on the foundations of our current society, we must innovate and manifest a new era of inclusive norms. Through our upcoming collections, we will advocate for an inclusive society through knitwear.

Exclusivity has long been a driving force in fashion, built upon luxury, material value, and scarcity. Can fashion truly express inclusivity when it is driven by opposing concepts? We believe this is a significant challenge for the future of fashion.

Our first approach to tackle this challenge is by taking inspiration from “Molding and Casting.” By embodying a world where anything and anyone is accepted, we refer to craftsmanship. Allowing the essence to melt, mold, and reshape into a new form, we suggest a new perspective to an existing material. Through the manipulation of materials, we attempt to revalue and nurture new appreciation. 

This is the vision behind our MONTELUCE 2025-2026 AW collection.


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